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Introduction to APIs

In this project, you will practice accessing an API. You'll see how an API request is made, and see how data is returned from an API


  • Demonstrate usage of APIs
  • Understand how an API request is sent.
  • Understand the request and response for an API.

Explorer Mode

  • [] Choose one of the APIs from this list that does not request "AUTH" (Authorization) since an API that requires authorization is a little more difficult to use when first learning. I have also selected some sample APIs that will be good choices:
Studio Ghibli
Open Brewery
Deck of Cards!
Star Wars API
Harvard Art Museum API (this one requires an API key, but set up is very simple)
  • After choosing your API read the documentation.
  • Use the Insomnia tool to make a few queries of the API.
  • Capture screenshots from Insomnia showing your request and the response output.
  • Attach those screenshots to your homework assignment.
  • For one response, show a screenshot with the "Header" tab displayed.
  • For this response, find a few headers and describe what they do. NOTE: If the header starts with X- it is a custom header and likely is documented by your API. Other headers are more standard and can be google searched.

Adventure Mode

Read the documentation on this API:

Choose your access token from your first and last name. For example jane-doe or ron-swanson.

  • Use Insomnia to insert 6 items in the list associated with your access token. Attach screenshots of the request and results screen.
  • Use Insomnia to mark 2 of these items complete. Attach screenshots of the request and result screen.
  • Use Insomnia to delete 1 of the non-complete items. Attach screenshots of the request and result screen.

Epic Mode

  • Investigate using C#'s HttpClient class to make requests to any of the APIs you used in Adventure mode.
  • Create a console app that makes requests and prints the results. Submit the URL to the Github repository of this console app.
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