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General Requirements:

The capstone project is the final of the course. This project should be significant in scope but able to be trimmed down to a MVP (minimal viable product). Capstones are not necessarily new ideas that are supposed to change the world. Even though news ideas are accepted (and sometimes encourage, with instructor guidance), some of the best demos re-invented the wheel.

The capstone has two mains goals.

  • The capstone provides you practice on the skills that you have grown over the course. During the class, you have built many projects, but on a small scale. The capstone projects allow you to built something on a bigger scale and over a longer timeline. This more significant scope helps reinforce fundamental concepts.

  • The capstone provides a vehicle to show off the skills you have cultivated and want to grow upon further. This project is a great portfolio piece. As described in career support, employers love to see what you build. This portfolio showcases the skills you want to work on and grow on going forward.


Here are some pre-selected ideas to help get you started.

  • Photo manager (

    • View all photos
    • Add tags for a photo
    • Search for a photo by tags
    • Create, Read, Update, and Delete a photo
    • Add user authentication
  • A resource sharing website centered around a specific knowledge (Reddit for horseback riding) (

    • Create, Read, Update, and Delete a resource
    • Search for a resource
    • Assign genre (or types) to resources
    • Restrict control over a resource to the user that created it
  • Map X around a user (google maps)

    • View data points on a map or a list view
    • Create, Read, Update, and Delete data points
    • Search for data points
  • An event site (

    • Create, Read, and Update events
    • Assign a certain number of tickets to an event
    • Allow users to "buy" tickets for an event
    • Allow users to view their tickets
  • Simple social media focused on a specific subject

    • As a user, I should be able to sign up
    • As a user, I should be able to follow other people
    • As a user, I should be able to CRUD
    • As a user, I should see the posts that other people make
    • As a user, I should be able to search for people and or posts

Projects we've seen

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  • Using the examples and ideas, come up with THREE topic areas that interest you. These are things you should be personally interested in so it keeps your attention during the capstone process.
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