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It starts with a plan.

We are starting the final stretch of the cohort. This means we are starting to focus on our final projects.

When we go to start a new project. The first step is create an elevator pitch. This is a short description that describes what your final project is doing. This should be similar to what you said during pitches.

The second step is to always plan out what we are doing. These early plans often take the shape of wire frames. This means that our first task for the capstone projects is create our wire frames.

The elevator pitch and wire frames should be treated as a detailed road map. When these are created, these should be treated as law; it can be changed, but must be changed with purpose.


  • Finalize the idea for your capstone
  • Create wire frames for your capstone project


  • Using your favorite way to create wire frames (paper, whiteboard, website), create all the pages for your site no matter how simple the pages are.
  • Create a new repository for your capstone project

Explorer Mode

  • Create the elevator pitch for your final projects.

  • Place this in the of your capstone project repository

  • Create a wire frame for each page in your page you capstone.

  • Place these wire frames in an .idea folder of your capstone project repository.

Additional Resources

  • Adobe XD, free software from Adobe for designing and prototyping website and mobile apps.
  • Moqups, a web-based tool for collaborating on wireframes, mockups and prototypes.
  • Figma, a web-based tool currently very popular among developers
  • Sketch a web-based tool that popular among designers
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