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Crypto Ticker

In this project you'll use React and a 3rd-party API as a data to create a real-time price tracker for some popular cryptocurrencies.


  • Use state in React
  • Render data from an API request in React
  • Use setInterval to repeat
  • Use React's useEffect to load the coin data at startup


Use the following API endpoint to fetch data and display it in your application:


degit $GITHUB_USER/react-project-template CryptoTracker

Explorer Mode

  • Create a new react app
  • Fetch new currency data from the API endpoint every 10 seconds.
  • Update the applications state with currency data from the API.
  • Create a UI to display the currency data in the application state.

Adventure Mode


If you want images to use for the display, try and use this repository to fetch images as well.

For example, this URL will give you the image for the coin bitcoin. Try replacing the names in the URL to fetch different coin logos. There are also additional sizes in different directories.

NOTE: This will require you to make a generic CryptoCurrency component and use useEffect within THAT component to fetch the icon!

Price Display

If the updated price of a currency is higher than the last update, show the price in green. If it's lower, show the price in red. HINT: You'll probably want to look into additional lifecycle methods for your React components to accomplish this.

Epic Mode

  • How else could we present the changing price to the user? Look into Edward Tufte's sparklines, how do you think this could be implemented as a React component? Try using a third party library to render a sparkline for each currency.

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