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Currency Converter

In this assignment, you will create a React application that will convert various currencies.

For the data, you will use the API available here


  • Work with an API to display data
  • Work with React
  • Work with the React lifecycle (componentDidMount with classes or useEffect with hooks)


  • Use this API documentation to build a page that allows for conversion between multiple currencies - Note, do not specify the optional list of currencies, allow your code to dynamically determine them.


degit $GITHUB_USER/react-project-template CurrencyConverter

Explorer Mode

  • Create a page that loads and shows the current currency conversion rates.
  • Design the page yourself or use utility CSS libraries like: Bootstrap or Bulma or Tailwind
  • Use USD as the base currency.
  • Allow the user to enter a currency amount (allow for decimal amounts like 42.12) in USD.
  • Show the converted amount in each of the available currencies.
    • Either update as the user types or include a button that performs the conversion when clicked.
  • Show the currency only two decimal places. For example, do not show 42.123456789 only show 42.12 -- You may need this method to help. How is your code dealing with the truncation? Is it rounding? Is it rounding fairly? How might you change this behavior?

Adventure Mode

  • Ensure that invalid data is not converted. If the input cannot be interpreted as a number, do not convert that input. Do you want to allow negative numbers?
  • Change the style of the input field to indicate when the number is invalid, perhaps change the input's color to red, or put a border around it?
  • Allow the user to choose a new base currency other than USD.
  • Allow the user to use a specific day in the past.
    • HINT
    • Fetch the conversion rates for that day.
    • Show the updated conversion rates and converted amount.

Epic Mode

  • Use react router to allow the user to specify the base currency in the URL
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