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Hello, HTML.

You will create a simple website that will showcase one of your passions. This is not about making the website flashy, but more about focusing on creating a website and learning your new tools.


  • Get to know your text editor
  • Introduce yourself to working on the command line
  • Write some HTML
  • Publish a web page


  • Do not implement any CSS for this project.


degit $GITHUB_USER/html-css-ts-project-template HelloHTML
cd HelloHTML
npm install
git init
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit"
hub create
git push origin HEAD

Run your project

npm start


npm run deploy

Explorer Mode

  • Create your first website.
  • Compose a short essay (just a couple paragraphs at most) about a hobby you either enjoy or would like to learn about. We might expand on this page in future assignments, so pick something fun!
  • Put your short essay into an HTML page, using appropriate semantic HTML elements. Perhaps use some paragraphs and lists.
  • Add some appropriate images to your page.
  • Give your webpage a simple header.
  • Do not apply any style to your page.
  • Deploy your site.

Adventure Mode

  • Add a second page about your hobby and links in between them.
  • Do this by creating another .html file in your project and use the <a> element to link them.
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