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Hello, World!

Welcome to your journey as a developer. When learning a new language, a developer usually starts with creating a hello, world program. A hello, world program is a simple program that allows a developer to see the basic structure of an application as well as confirm their environment is working.


  • Ensure your development environment is setup.


Make sure you have followed the setup instructions for your computer's operating system

Follow this guide to review how to create and run C# applications.

Follow this guide to review how to turn in your assignments.


dotnet new sdg-console -o HelloDotNet

Explorer Mode

  • Create a new app. (see the setup instructions above as well as the how-to-guides)
  • In the static void Main, Change Welcome to C#, to Hello, World, my name is [your name] -- replace [your name] with your name typed out. For example: Hello, World, my name is Katherine Johnson
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