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It all starts with HTML

During this week, you will be building a website for your new chain of restaurants. This will have a few pages and will serve as a playground to learn about web development.

All web pages have to start somewhere, and this site is no different. To start off, you will be laying the groundwork for the days to come.

To start, you will need to start with the HTML and content.

Here is a sample


  • Name your restaurant and decide what type of food you will be selling. This is just a starting point, do not get too hung on this.
  • Create the Content for your page
  • Craft semantic HTML for your landing page.


degit $GITHUB_USER/html-css-ts-project-template StartsWithHTML

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  • Read through these notes
  • Decided on the details for your restaurant. This should include, but not limited to :
    • Name
    • Type of Cuisine
    • Location(s)
    • Upcoming events
    • 3 featured dishes
  • Create the semantic HTML for the all the details above
  • Add at least 3 images
  • Create at least 3 links on the page
  • Your website should minimally have
    • a navbar
    • a "hero" section
    • at least 3 sections about the restaurant, get creative here. Specials, events and locations would be a good start here.
    • contact information
    • a footer
  • Push your code to GitHub
  • Deploy your site.

NOTE: Remember, this is all about content, do not worry about making your website look nice, we will do that later.

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