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Don't Lose Track! Part IV

The store that had you built the API loves it so much, and it caused the store to become more successful and open up multiple locations.

We need to update our API to accommodate many locations. This means we have to add a new Model and new a relationship to our diagrams.


  • Extend your API to not only track inventory, but also track how much we have at each location.
  • practice creating ASP.NET Web API endpoints
  • practice EF Core.
  • practice SQL Relationships


  • Create a simple API that has a handful of endpoints to manage data
  • The API should be using Web API Controllers, Ef Core, and Postgres database
  • The API now has 2 models.

Explorer Mode

  • Create a Model for the Locations

  • The Locations should have at least

    • Id
    • Address
    • ManagerName
    • PhoneNumber
  • Add a relationship to your Item model to include a Foreign Key to the Locations table. Each location can have many items. There are now two new properties to your existing Item model that points to the new model you created (Location)

  • Add a new Locations Controller. This controller has at least 2 endpoints

    • A POST endpoint that allows a user to create a location
    • A GET endpoint that gets all locations
  • Update the following endpoints.

  • Update the GET all items endpoint to need a location
  • Update the GET endpoint for each item to need a location
  • Update the POST endpoint that allows a user/client to add an item to the inventory to a location
  • Update the PUT endpoint that allows a user/client to update an item for a location
  • Update the DELETE endpoint that allows a user/client to delete an item for a location
  • Add a new GET endpoint to get all items that are out of stock for a location. Keep you old GET endpoint for out of stock, but create a new one
  • Update the GET endpoint that allows the user to search for an item based on SKU, and this should search all the locations.
  • Deploy your update to Heroku

Adventure Mode

  • Add a way to create Orders. Orders should have many Items and Items should have many Orders.
  • Add endpoints to CRUD Orders .
  • Only allow items that are in stock to be added to an order.
  • Add a way to associate orders to a location. Be able to view the orders in a location.
  • Deploy your changes.

Epic Mode

Pick 1 or more of the following:

  • Go back and further any old assignment
  • Create a client console app in C# that allows a user to interact with you API
  • Starting reading about HTML
  • Take a breather and some time off, congrats on making it the end of backend fundamentals.
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