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Iteration in C#

Learning programming takes practice and the best practice is repetition. This exercise will allow you time to work on the basics of .NET and LINQ.


  • Practice using LINQ to iterate/enumerate collections


NOTE These instructions are slightly different than your typical setup. This is because we are forking an existing code repository. You are making a copy FROM SDG's repository to your own. Then you are pulling DOWN that code from your github to start off the project.

To setup your assignment:

  1. Click on this repository and then click the Fork button to make a copy in your own account.
  2. In your terminal change into your projects directory. (e.g cd ~/sdg)
  3. Clone your repository: hub clone net-iteration
  4. Change into your project's directory: cd net-iteration
  5. Install the dependencies: dotnet restore
  6. Open in your editor: code .
  7. Start the test runner: dotnet watch run
  8. Open Iterations.cs and work on functions until the test passes. Once you are done with a test you can move to the next one. There are a total of 10 questions.
  9. Commit and push your work to GitHub.

Additional Resources

The SDG quick reference guides are a good place to look for help on determining which LINQ and String methods might be useful in this assignment.

Explorer Mode

  • All tests passing
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