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Iteration in TypeScript


  • After completing this assignment, you should be able to:
    • Demonstrate understanding of iteration/enumeration


  1. Fork this repository to your own account.
  2. Change into your projects directory:
  3. Clone your repository: hub clone ts-iteration
  4. Change into your project's directory: cd ts-iteration
  5. Install the dependencies: npm install
  6. Open in your editor: code .
  7. Start the test runner: npm start
  8. In VS Code, open the file: src/functions.ts and work on functions until tests pass.
  9. Commit and push your work to GitHub.

Explorer Mode

  • As you write each function and make them pass the npm start screen will show your progress.
  • Work until all the tests are passing

Epic Mode

  • Using the forEach looping method and no other looping or enumeration helper, write your own version of the following methods, except name yours _map, _filter, etc.

    • Your method must accept an array and a callback function.
    • Example for your _map:
    const numbers = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
    const doubled = _map(numbers, function (number) {
    return number * 2
    // doubled needs to be [2,4,6,8,10]
    const increased = _map(numbers, function (number) {
    return number + 2
    // increased needs to be [2,3,4,5,6]
    • map
    • filter
    • reduce
    • every
    • some
  • Write some example usage of your new methods to demonstrate that they work

Additional Resources

Reference the documentation on DevDocs to find what kind of helpful functions might already be in TypeScript.

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