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JavaScript Codewars practice

The best way to improve our problem-solving skills is to practice, practice, practice. Many developers continue to do frequent practice on small sample problems, some even using them as a daily warmup before beginning their daily routine.

One of the common interview scenarios for developers is a coding question or challenge. During an interview, you may be asked to code the solution to a small problem or you may be given a small application to create over a few days and turn in.

Both of these scenarios require you to begin a habit of practicing reading and solving coding exercises.


  • Exercise and improve your problem-solving skills
  • Prepare you for interview coding questions

Codewars Problems

Explorer Mode

Solve any three of the above codewars, including the "Attempt" and "Submit" phase. They are arranged in increasing complexity. However, read each one and select problems that either intrigue you or you have an intuition about.

You may turn in the code in one of two ways. Choose one style:

  • Copy and paste your working code for EACH codewar in the turn-in comment.
  • Create a gist for each solution and paste the generated link. See this guide

Adventure Mode

Solve any five of the above codewars.

Epic Mode

Solve ALL of the above codewars.

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