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Welcome to Jurassic Park

In this assignment, you will be creating a console application that manages a zoo full of dinosaurs.


  • Practice control structures.
  • Practice data structures.
  • Practice working with user data.
  • Practice with LINQ.
  • Practice with OOP concepts.


  • Create a simple console application that manages the dinosaurs in your zoo.


dotnet new sdg-console -o JurassicPark

Explorer Mode

  • Create a class to represent your dinosaurs. The class should have the following properties

    • Name
    • DietType - This will be "carnivore" or "herbivore"
    • WhenAcquired - This will default to the current time when the dinosaur is created
    • Weight - How heavy the dinosaur is in pounds.
    • EnclosureNumber - the number of the pen the dinosaur is in
  • Add a method Description to your class to print out a description of the dinosaur to include all the properties. Create an output format of your choosing. Feel free to be creative.

  • Keep track of your dinosaurs in a List<Dinosaur>.

  • When the console application runs, it should let the user choose one of the following actions:

    • View
      • This command will ask the user if they wish to see the dinosaurs in Name or EnclosureNumber order. Based on that choice, the list of dinosaurs should be shown in the correct order. If there no dinosaurs in the park, print out a special message to the user.
    • Add
      • This command will let the user type in the information for a dinosaur and add it to the list. Prompt for the Name, Diet Type, Weight and Enclosure Number, but the WhenAcquired must be supplied by the code.
    • Remove
      • This command will prompt the user for a dinosaur name then find and delete the dinosaur with that name.
    • Transfer
      • This command will prompt the user for a dinosaur name and a new EnclosureNumber and update that dino's information.
    • Summary
      • This command will display the number of carnivores and the number of herbivores.
    • Quit
      • This will stop the program

Adventure Mode

  • Consider what to do in Add/Remove/Transfer if multiple Dinos have the same name. Should Add prevent that from happening? Should Transfer and Remove show the multiple Dinos and prompt the user which one to work with?

  • Add an option to view the Dinosaurs acquired after a given date (to be given by the user).

  • Add an option to view all the Dinosaurs in a given enclosure number.

Epic Mode

  • Learn how to read and write from a file. At the start of the program load all the dinosaurs from a file. When the program ends write out all the dinosaurs to the same file.
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