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In this assignment, you will communicate with a back-end API server to create the user-interface for a Minesweeper clone. It might help to familiarize yourself with the game if you have never played it.


  • Understand how state drives changes to an interface in React
  • Respond to user events in React
  • Understand and use REST APIs
  • Use React lifecycle methods
  • Understand and interpret API documentation
  • Use fetch or axios to perform POST request or


Read over the documentation for the API we will be using:

You will need to interpret the response and render a graphical user interface. The API results include an array of arrays (two-dimensional array). These represent rows and columns. Consider using flexbox, grid, or an old-fashioned table to organize these.

Here is an example implementation of this assignment:


degit $GITHUB_USER/react-project-template Minesweeper

Additional Resources

Explorer Mode

  • Create a button to create a new game. Use the animated gif above as a user interface guide. Do at least that much, but also feel free to have fun.
  • Style the cells appropriately.
  • Left-clicking a cell performs the check action
  • Right/secondary clicking a cell performs the flag action
  • When the game status changed to won or lost a victory or failure message - Do not use alert for this. Update the user interface.

Adventure Mode

  • Before creating the game, allow the user to choose: Easy, Medium, or Hard mode.
  • Have fun with the styling. Make it your own.

Epic Mode

  • Learn how to use localStorage API to store data in the browser. Use this to allow the user to close the browser window and come back to a game already in progress.
  • Add sound effects.
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