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Number Guesser (C#)

In this project, you will use C# to recreate the favorite childrens game of "I'm thiking of a number between 1 and ...."

In this game, the code will try to guess the number the player is thinking of. The computer will not ask the user for their number at the beginning of the game, but guess it.

Here is what a sample output of your program might be like.

Greetings. I am the amazing Number Guesser.
Please think of, BUT DO NOT TELL ME, a number between 1 and 1024.
Using my amazing computing power I will figure out your number by asking you questions.
Here we go!
My guess is 1. Is your number HIGHER, LOWER, or am I CORRECT? HIGHER
Ok, higher.
My guess is 2. Is your number HIGHER, LOWER, or am I CORRECT? HIGHER
Ok, higher.
My guess is 3. Is your number HIGHER, LOWER, or am I CORRECT? CORRECT

In this case the person thought of the number 3, and the computer just guessed increasing numbers! This is NOT a good algorithm for guessing. You should come up with a faster way for your program to make better guesses.


  • Demonstrate usage of methods to organize code.
  • Understand and implement algorithms.
  • Understand loops.


  • Your program should be able to handle a person thinking of a number between 1 and 1024.
  • Your program should assume the human player would answer any guess truthfully.

NOTE: The more you plan this out (focus on the algorithm) the better you will do.


dotnet new sdg-console -o NumberGuesser

Explorer Mode

  • Once the program starts, you should display a greeting to the user describing the challenge.
  • Ask the user to think of a number between 1 and 1024.
  • Do NOT prompt the user for their number. Your program will guess the number IN THEIR MIND
  • Prompt the user with your guess and allow them to tell you if their number is higher, lower, or correct.
  • Keep refining your guess until you have the correct answer.
  • Use methods to organize your code. Here are some suggestions for methods you might use:
    • ShowGreeting
    • ComputeNewLowIfTooLow
    • ComputeNewHighIfTooHigh
    • BragWhenCorrect
  • Use at least one or two methods

Adventure Mode

  • Allow the user to choose the maximum number for their range.
  • Tell them the most number of guesses your code will need!
  • Prompt the user to play again at the end of the game.

Epic Mode

  • Keep track of how many guesses each game has taken and show the average number of guesses your code has used. For instance, if you've played three games and took 4, 6, and 2 guesses, your average would be 4.
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