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Adoption Expansion

For this project, you will forking an existing repo and adding ore functionality to it. You will completing the UI as well as adding a "save for later" feature.


  • Work with creating components
  • Work with a Github workflow
  • Work with local storage


First you need to fork this repo.

Then you will need to clone your fork to your local machine. You will be doing all of your development on that fork.

Explorer Mode

  • Add some styling to the page. Make the header look like a header, add styling to the nav bar, and style the pets using flexbox to wrap around the page.
  • Make a Pet component to have all logic, HTML and styling for a pet.
  • Hook up the Save for later! Arf! to save the current pet to local storage.
  • On the main page, display the number of pets save to local storage.
  • Submit a pull request back to the repo.

Adventure Mode

  • Add React Router and create the follow pages:
    • Index page to view all pets
    • A page to view my saved pets
    • A page to view all the details about a pet
  • Add more information to each Pet on the index page.

NOTE: Remember to think in components.

Epic Mode

  • Add search filters and a easier UI to discover pets for their family.
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