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A Portfolio

For your first weekend project, we're going to be starting work on a portfolio website that you can improve over the rest of your career.


You can find image assets you'll need here:

The font used is Roboto.

Also, feel free to change it from Jason's picture to a picture of yourself.


  • Build on your knowledge of HTML & CSS
  • Implement, from scratch, a given design
  • Use flexbox techniques layout pages.


  • Initially, you should implement the design as close as possible to the mockup. Later, you might choose to fit your personality/style.

  • Note: You should complete at least the tasks given for explorer mode as listed below before turning in the assignment, as well as before attempting adventure or epic modes.

Explorer Mode

  • Recreate the page as closely as you possibly can. Use the same fonts, sizes, and colors.
  • Make sure the site is responsive.
  • Deploy your site

Adventure Mode

  • Take the time to personalize the site with information about yourself, links to your projects, and your pictures.
  • Keep it professional, but make it your own.

Epic Mode

  • Go back and work on the adventure or epic mode for a past assignment.
  • Start to research JavaScript
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