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Roshambo! (Rock Paper Scissors)

Create a simple Rock-Paper-Scissors game using C# in which the player plays against a computer.


  • Practice conditional logic
  • Practice creating an algorithm


A gentle reminder, focus only on, and finish, explorer mode first. Then continue to adventure mode if you have time.


See the Wikipedia page about Rock, Paper, Scissors

How to get started

  • Get familiar with rock, paper, scissors if you haven't played before (or in a while)
  • Write out ALL the steps the application needs to take in English
  • The more you plan out your process, the better things will go.


dotnet new sdg-console -o RoshamboCS

Explorer Mode

  • When the program starts the user should see a nice welcome message explaining they are about to play Rock, Paper, Scissors against the computer
  • The user should see the options to chose for what they are going to throw. i.e., "rock", "paper", "scissor"
  • The computer should randomly chose which option it is going to throw.
  • Your program should then compute who wins, the computer, or the user.
  • The user should then see the computer's choice as well as a message indicating if they won or lost.
  • Finally, as a final challenge of Explorer Mode add some validation to the user input. That is, if they input a choice that isn't "rock", "paper", or "scissor" tell them and choose what to do. Perhaps the program just ends, or perhaps you can continue to ask them for input until they give you a valid choice.

Adventure Mode

  • Create a way for the user to choose a level of difficulty, normal, impossible, or easy.
    • In normal mode the game should run the game as-is from Explorer mode.
    • In impossible mode the computer always chooses a winning option. i.e. if the user chose "paper", the computer will choose "scissor"
    • In easy mode the computer always chooses a losing option. i.e. if the user chose "paper", the computer will choose "rock"
  • Allow the user to play again. hint: while loops

Epic Mode

  • You have heard about Rock, Paper, Scissors, but have you tried Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock? Modify your game to allow the extra options!
  • Your game is currently only 1 vs. 1, add the ability to add more computer or users players to the game
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