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Roshambo! (JavaScript Edition)

Create a Roshambo (Rock-Paper-Scissors) game.


  • Work with JavaScript and the DOM
  • Practice conditional logic


See the Wikipedia page about Rock, Paper, Scissors

How to get started

  • Get familiar with rock, paper, scissors if you haven't played before (or in a while)
  • Draw out on paper/whiteboard/computer the rough design of your application
    • See Explorer Mode for the UI requirements
  • Start by placing all the HTML elements on the page
  • Style the user interface
  • Write out in English, ALL the steps the application needs to take
    • For example "When user one clicks on Rock, remember that user one chooses Rock"


degit $GITHUB_USER/html-css-ts-project-template RoshamboJS

Explorer Mode

Part 1

NOTE: Complete part 1 before moving on to part 2

  • There should be three buttons for Player One: Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • There should be three buttons for Player Two: Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Player One should be able to select their throw
  • Player Two should be able to select their throw
  • After both players make their selection, I should be told who won and the game should be over.

Part 2

  • You have heard about Rock, Paper, Scissors, but have you tried Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock? Modify your game to allow the extra options!
  • Have fun with the CSS by adding colors, animations, and effects to make the game more enjoyable

Adventure Mode

  • Your game is currently only 1 vs 1, add the ability to add more computer or users players to the game
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