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ORM Safari! Part III

For this assignment, you should take your safari API that was already created, and create a simple react app that consumes that API.


  • Work with an API that you created


  • Create a React app that consumes an API that you created

Explorer Mode

  • Add 3 the endpoints to the Safari API

    • Create a GET /Animal/{location} that returns animals of only that location
    • Create a PUT /Animal/{id} endpoint that adds 1 to the count of times seen for that animal (given by id)
    • Create a DELETE /Animal/{id} endpoint that deletes that animal id from the database
  • Create a simple react app, that uses some css make it looks friendly.

  • The react app should:

    • Display all animals the user has seen
    • Display all animals seen in the Jungle
    • Remove all animals that I have seen in the Desert.
    • Add all the CountOfTimesSeen and get a total number of animals seen
    • Get the CountOfTimesSeen of lions, tigers and bears

Adventure Mode

  • Work on your capstone' front end. This should include, creating the react app, adding react-router and also start thing about the AJAX (axios/fetch) calls your app needs.
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