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ORM Safari! Part I

We are taking a surprise trip to the Savannah for a safari to see all sorts of exotic animals. During our time there we want to keep track of all the animals we have seen. For this, we need to create a database, as well as a small console application to help record what we see.


  • Use an ORM to query against a database


Additional Reading

NOTE: The Additional Resources section below is very helpful. Consider reading this after reading Explorer mode. Then make a plan for the assignment for digging in and writing code.


dotnet new sdg-console-database -o SafariConsole

Explorer Mode

  • Create a database called SafariVacation
    • This will have 1 table called SeenAnimals that has the following columns
      • Id (int)
      • Species (string)
      • CountOfTimesSeen (int)
      • LocationOfLastSeen (string)
    • NOTE: This should be made all in the code (C#), and not created in the pgcli.
  • Create a small console application, and create the following queries using your languages ORM.
    • Display all animals the user has seen
    • Update the CountOfTimesSeen and LocationOfLastSeen for an animal
    • Display all animals seen in the Jungle
    • Remove all animals that I have seen in the Desert.
    • Add all the CountOfTimesSeen and get a total number of animals seen
    • Get the CountOfTimesSeen of lions, tigers and bears

Adventure Mode

  • Add a new column called LastSeenTime, with a type of DateTime. This will require you to add and run a new migration.

Epic Mode

  • Continue to make progress on your capstone project. This should be tasks like Database Schema, HTML, CSS

Additional Resources


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