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Score Board

For this assignment, you are creating a simple interactive scoreboard for your favorite sport.


  • Refer to this mockup to design your page:

  • A user should be able to update a score and the teams playing.
  • Use these HTML and CSS files as starting content:


degit $GITHUB_USER/html-css-ts-project-template Scoreboard

Explorer Mode

Part 1:

  • Update the CSS to improve the styling based on your own design and tastes.
  • Avoid updating the HTML too much, try to use existing elements and classes. However, do add new classes or elements for your design or your TypeScript if needed.
  • Assign an event to the input fields to automatically change the team's name as the user types.
  • Assign click events to the buttons to update the corresponding values on the page. The score buttons should adjust the current score by a "hard-coded" value.
  • Deploy your site.

Part 2:

  • Add an if statement to stop each team's score from going below 0.
  • Add an if statement to stop each team's score from going above 21.
  • When a team gets 21 points, display a message to the user of who won.
  • Add a reset button that resets the scoreboard back to each team having 0 points.

Adventure Mode

  • Add more CSS to the winning teams score to indicate who won.
  • Implement a Quarter/Period Tracker that would be appropriate for the sport.
  • Add some styling to make it more presentable. Have fun with it.
  • Make the layout responsive.

Epic Mode

  • Add a Timer that counts down automatically and updates the period/quarter appropriately.
  • Save/load the information to local storage.
  • Add anything else that your sport would have on its scoreboard (e.g., fouls, sacks, shots on goal).
  • Improve the ease of use for score keeping in your sport.
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