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Prove yourself, warrior!

You have grown very quickly to have worked with and master HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and basic programming fundamentals. This will be a test of those skills and ideas that you have gained and a reflection of how far you have come.

For this assignment, you will be reproducing a website.


  • Show off your problem-solving skills
  • Show off HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Skills
  • Work with an API to create a responsive website, using only Vanilla JS and modern CSS



degit $GITHUB_USER/react-project-template AstroClub

Explorer Mode

  • Reproduce this site exactly
  • Should be 100% responsive
  • Should pull from API using JavaScript
  • Should display a countdown timer to next astronomical event. This timer should countdown until hitting zero
  • The carousel should change automatically every 10 seconds
  • All code should be:
    • readable properly indented
    • variables, class names, and functions should be reasonably named
    • proper style guides should be followed
    • commented

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