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Do you want to build a Snowman?

In this assignment, you'll build a less grim variation of a popular game:



  • Reinforce component architecture in React
  • Effective use props and state in React


We're going to build a sort of reverse hangman. The player can't lose; they just get to build a snowman by adding parts each time they guess a letter correctly. You will need to download these files and add them to your project:

  1. Word List
  2. Snowman Images (Unzip these before adding to your project)


degit $GITHUB_USER/react-project-template Snowman

Explorer Mode

  • Selects a random word from the list and display a number of blank spaces (or underscores) equal to the word length.
  • Display a list of letters, A through Z as clickable buttons.
  • When the player guesses a letter (clicks the button):
    • All instances of that letter are revealed at their corresponding positions in the word.
    • The button becomes disabled, as it has already been guessed.
    • Display the snowman image that corresponds with the number of letters revealed in the word.

Adventure Mode

  • After the word has been completed, offer the player to play again. Reset the state of the game without a page reload.
  • Use this API to get your random word

Epic Mode

Refactor the game to play like a traditional "hangman" game:

  • If the chosen letter is not part of the word, the snowman "grows"; increase a counter by one for each incorrect guess.
  • If the snowman is completed (counter reaches 7) before the word is completed, the player loses, and the snowman wins.
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