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Cloudy with a Chance of Syntax Errors

Using a popular weather API, Create a web site that allows a user to search for a location and gets that location's weather.


  • Practice working with an API
  • Practice working with data that was structure by a third party


  • Using, create a simple UI that allows a user to search for the current weather by zip code or city.


  • Visit and signup for an account
  • Visit API Keys in your dashboard
  • Copy your API key
  • You can use the API key in any of the URLs by appending appid=KEY
    • Example: from the docs becomes
    • NOTE: It will take about 10 to 30 minutes for your API key to be active


degit $GITHUB_USER/html-css-ts-project-template WeatherFrontEnd

Explorer Mode

  • Create a simple HTML page that has a text box and a search button
  • Allow the user to type in a place, click the search button, and , using, get the current weather for that location.
  • Display the weather to user by adding elements to the DOM.
  • Allow the user to search by zip or city name.

Adventure Mode

  • Using the HTML5 Geolocation API, search for the users current location when page loads.
  • Store the Users last search and use it to search for the value on page load. HINT: localstorage
  • remove the need for the search button and search when the user stops typing. HINT: use setTimeout and the change event. to track when the user stops typing.

Epic Mode

  • Add a type a head using Google Places API
  • Head back to Blackjack and use this as your API.
  • Instead of localstorage, Store the user searches results in an Custom Built API
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