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Questions You Should Ask During an Interview



  • Why do you like working at **___**?
  • How do you describe the culture at ____?
  • How do you maintain that culture?
  • What makes a "perfect"/good co-worker/employee?
  • How diverse is the company?
  • How diverse is the team?

Continued learning

  • Does the company provide access to udemy, Pluralsight or other sites for continuing education?
  • If the company doesn't provide access, is there a learning fund available?
  • If not a learning fund, can I be reimbursed if I buy courses on udemy?


  • Does the team practice Agile? Kaban or scrum?
  • What tools do you use for organizing and running the team?
  • What would my day-to-day work involve?
  • What onboarding processes does the company have?
  • What career progression is available at the company?

For Juniors

  • What is expected of a junior developer in the first week, first month and first year?
  • Does the company have established junior onboarding or mentorship?


  • What is the tech stack?
  • If the job involves product work, ask more about the actual product.
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