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Tracking your Applications with Trello

Track Your Applications

What is Trello?

  • A collaboration tool that organizes projects visually with boards and cards
  • Organize information and tasks
  • Defined workflows
  • Add collaborators
  • Increases communication and visibility
  • Decreases external communication and bottlenecks

Track each job as an individual card

  • Must have info:
    • Company - job title
    • Description
      • Company website link
      • Location
      • Job Link
    • Attach wording for Cover Letter (or Google doc link)
    • Attach copy the Resume you sent (or Google doc link)
    • Comment saying how you applied
    • Comment telling us who your contact is and how to reach them (If applicable)
    • Incomplete cards will cause delays in recommendations

Recent Grads

  • Add cards to your Trello board and move them under Applied
  • Move card to Ready for Rec when you need a letter of recommendation
  • Tag your Campus Director with a comment saying "Ready for Rec"

Alums Looking

  • Sign up for Trello
  • Build your Job Search Board
  • First and Last name - Job Search
  • Make your workflow via 5 lists
    • To Do
    • Doing
    • Applied
    • In Limbo
    • Done
  • Need help, reach out to your Campus Director
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