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Application Secrets

When developing, there are sometimes values we do not to keep in source control (git). These values include things like API keys, connection strings, API secrets and other sever configurations.

Adding secret configuration values to a project

One way to hide these values is to use user-secrets. This is way to store values on our local development machine, use those values in our code, and avoid committing them to git.

Setting up secrets

This code sample is the most basic example of keeping secrets in .NET core.

NOTE: All commands must be run in the project directory

Set up

First, we need to init secrets in our code base.

dotnet user-secrets init

This command sets up a secrets reference to your project.

Add the secrets to the secrets store

Next, you want to add the actual values. These values are stored on your machine in a plain text, key-value structure.

dotnet user-secrets set JWT_KEY "857984572398457239857239r821374924"

The above command will add new key called JWT_KEY with the value:857984572398457239857239r821374924

Using the value

To get a value, we must use dependency injection. That is because our server is loading the configuration when the server starts. This configuration is accessible in our apps when we inject the configuration into our code where needed.

To use DI in our code, go to the class where the configuration setting is needed and add a constructor (or modify the existing one) to accept a parameter of IConfiguration configuration. Your constructor should look similar to this example:

public DatabaseContext(IConfiguration configuration)

With the configuration being injected we can now access the setting we need by using the the bracket notation. So our full constructor should look like this:

public DatabaseContext(IConfiguration configuration)
this.JWT_KEY = configuration["JWT_KEY"];

In this constructor, we are setting a property on our class to the connection string in the configuration. This statement allows us to use this.JWT_KEY anywhere in this class with the value that is in our user-secrets

Development mode

Secrets will only be loaded when you app is development mode. In production you will need to use another system for providing secrets. Each hosting provider will have it's own way of doing this.

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