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Creating a layout

Creating a layout

We are repeating the header and footer on each page in our design. Now that we have two pages working, we should remove this duplication.

Move the common elements to the App

Starting with Restaurants.jsx we will cut the <header> content and place it in the App.jsx before the <Switch> -- We will also add a <></> pair around all the content in App since now we have more than one element returned.

Since the header includes the avatar image, move the import statement for the avatar to the App.jsx.

We can do the same for the <footer> element.

Now that the header and footer exist in the App we can delete the <header> and <footer> content from the Restaurant.jsx

Since there is only one main element, <main>, we can clean up these components by removing the fragment tags, <></>

We will do the same for the other components in the pages folder.

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