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Generate a New Application

Generate a new app

For this full-stack application, we'll be using the last of the SDG dotnet templates, sdg-react. This app includes:

The sdg-react template generates a full React application in the directory ClientApp and ensures connectivity to the C# backend application found in the rest of the directories.

Generate the app

From your command line in the directory where you've stored your other assignments, execute the following command

dotnet new sdg-react-no-client-app -o TacoTuesday

Generate a ClientApp

degit YOUR-GITHUB-ACCOUNT-HERE/react-project-template ClientApp
git add .
git commit -m "Initial ClientApp"

Running the application

You'll need two terminal/PowerShell to run the app. In the first window:

dotnet watch run

and then in the second:

(You may need to cd again to your project if the new terminal/PowerShell starts in your "home" folder)

cd ClientApp
npm start

Visit your app

Open your browser and visit http://localhost:5000, this is the URL we will use to view our full stack web application.

Setting the JWT Key

You may see a page that says: You do not have a valid JWT_KEY.

To resolve this warning, follow the instructions on the screen, restart dotnet watch run and reload your browser at http://localhost:5000 -- You should see your default front end template's content.

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