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Intro to HTML

HTML is the most basic structure of a webpage. All other languages, frameworks, etc. that are on the web form themselves around the foundation that is HTML.

Its primary purpose is to put text, pictures, and links onto a website. If you're only doing that, it will remain pretty simple. As you begin learning more of the tools it has to offer though, you will realize that it can do quite a bit more.

In this guide we cover the absolute basics of HTML, to get you started. We define elements, attributes, and all the other important terms you may have heard, and where they fit into the language. We also show how an HTML element is structured, how a typical HTML page is structured, and explain other important basic language features. Along the way, we'll play with some HTML to get you interested!

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the basics of a HTML page
  • Understanding the head of HTML page
  • Understanding the body of a HTML page
  • Displaying text on a page
  • Using common HTML tags (nav; section; main; header hX; p; ul; img;a)
  • Creating semantic HTML
  • Finding the "right" HTML tag
  • Adding HTML attributes
  • Linking to other pages
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