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Challenges We Like

Challenges we like:

8Well of Ideas
8Volume of a Cuboid
8Triple Trouble
8Tip Calculator
8The Feast of Many Beasts
8The falling speed of petals
8Switch it up
8Sum of Positives
8String Repeat
8SQL Basics: Simple JOIN with COUNT Only
8Rock Paper Scissors
8Reversed String
8Reverse List Order
8Returning Strings
8Remove String Spaces
8Remove First and Last Character
8Parse nice int from char
8Opposites Attract
8Opposite Number
8On the Canadian Border (SQL for Beginners #2) Only
8Name Shuffler
8L1: Bartender, drinks!
8Keep Hydrated!
8Is n divisible by x and y?
8Grasshopper Summation
8Get Planet Name By ID
8Find the smallest Integer
8Find Multiples of a Number
8Even or Odd
8Easy SQL - Ordering Only
8Draw stairs
8Difference of Volumes of Cuboids
8Count the Monkeys
8Count of positives sum of...
8Count odd numbers below n
8Correct the mistakes of the character recognition software
8Convert boolean values to strings 'Yes' or 'No'.
8Convert a string to an array
8Conditional Statement Switch Only
8Compare with margin
8Collect Tuition (SQL for Beginners #4) Only
8Closest Elevator Only
8Century From Year
8Calculate Average
8Beginner Series #2 Clock
8Beginner Series #1 School Paperwork
8Beginner - Reduce but Grow
8Area or Perimeter
8Adults only (SQL for Beginners #1) Only
8Abbreviate a Two Word Name
8A needle in the haystack
81. Find all active students Only
7You're a square
7We have liftoff
7Vowel Count
7Two fighters, one winner
7Suzuki needs help lining up his students!
7Sum of two lowest positive integers
7Sum of all multiples of 3 or 5
7Stones on the Table Only
7Square every digit
7SQL Basics: Simple JOIN Only
7Sort the Vowels! Only
7Simple Consecutive Pairs Only
7Shortest Word
7Say Me Please Operations
7Return The Missing Element
7Removing Elements for JS, not good for C#
7Ones and Zeros
7Most Sales
7Mirror, mirror, on the wall...
7Longest Vowel Chain
7List filtering
7Least Larger
7Largest pair sum in array
7Insert Dashes
7Highest and Lowest
7Hex to Decimal
7Get the Middle Character
7Form the hightest
7Find the middle element
7Find Screen Size Only
7Find 0 and 1 Only - More challenging than a 7
7Exes and Ohs
7Encrypt this!
7Drink responsibility
7Don't give me 5
7Disemvowel Troll
7Descending Order
7Cryptanalysis Word Patterns Only
7Counting Elements Dictionary in C#
7Convert the score Only
7Computer problem series #1: Fill the Hard Disk Drive
7Complementary DNA
7Collatz Conjecture Length
6supermarket queue
6Strongest Number
6IP Validation
6Find The Parity Outlier
6Find the Order Breaker
6Deaf rats
6Create Phone Number
6Christmas Tree
5Advanced Pig Latin
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