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Managing Windows

Effective management of windows on your desktop will be an important aspect of finding a workflow that is comfortable for you. As a developer you'll have many applications open at once. For instance to work on one project you might have these applications/tools open:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Browser for looking at your web app
  • Browser for looking up documentation
  • Two or more Terminal / Power Shells
  • Insomnia API tool

Learning to place these apps and quickly find them will be essential

On the Mac: Hold down the COMMAND key and hit TAB to cycle through open applications. (use SHIFT COMMAND and TAB to cycle in the reverse direction)

On Windows; Hold down the ALT key and hit TAB to cycle through open applications.

Snapping windows to the edge

On the Windows OS you can snap windows to the edges of your display with your mouse and keyboard. See this guide to learn how.

On the Mac, I recommend using a third party tool for snapping windows. One such FREE application is Ractangle By downloading and installing this app you can use keyboard shortcuts to snap windows to the sides and tops of your screen or drag windows to the edge to snap them.

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