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Practice Pre-work

Pre-work is material that ensures you have the necessary foundation required for the course. Starting lto learn before the program is like training for a marathon. You don't show up the day of the race and start; you need to train beforehand. In our program, your brain is the muscle that needs to train, this pre-work is training for your brain.

Starting in the Back

Our full time program begins with work on the back-end of a website. That is, all of the code that deals with keeping track of data, storing it in a database, searching, sorting, collating, and delivering information to the front end of a website.

Websites are served from a web server running some back-end language, such as Ruby, Python, or .NET. During the course, you are studying a back-end language to learn more in depth. There are plenty of back-end languages to choose from. Each language has its strengths and weakness. We have chosen to focus on C# and .NET.

Explore C# ("c-sharp") & .NET

.NET is a robust framework built by Microsoft. While there are many languages that use the .NET ecosystem, C# is a common, flexible, and ubiquitous language.

There are several resources here that can help you learn some basics of C# and .NET. We feel that this four hour video from freeCodeCamp and Giraffe Academy is a great start. If you do nothing else in this section do watch this video. Don't try to type along with the video or even worry about understanding everything that is happening. Concentrate on the big ideas, write down new terminology, and get familiar with what it sounds like to discuss code.

For an interactive tutorial, check out

For a longer, and more technical introduction, this video from Microsoft: C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners is worth viewing.

If you have 30+ hours to dedicate (and it may take you much longer) you can work through a lesson at Code Academy.

Fundamentals and Front-End Development

Start With the HTML and CSS

Start with some HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are essentially what the web is all about. HTML and CSS are what the user sees and interacts with the most. Since these two languages are fundamental, this is the best place to get your feet wet.



Add Some Life With JavaScript

JavaScript allows you to create interactive and dynamic websites. This is what brings our websites to life. This will also help us learn the fundamentals of how computers run lines of code. JavaScript runs on the client side, which means the users computer. Every website that you have visited, uses JavaScript in some way.


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