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Back-End Setup Part 2


Insomnia is a graphical tool that allows us to work with web based APIs.


brew install --cask insomnia


The database engine we will be using for our back-end work.


Start a Terminal and run:

pg_config >/dev/null 2>&1 && echo "STOP"

If this comes back and says "STOP" -- STOP AND DISCUSS WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR

Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

brew install postgresql
brew services start postgresql
brew install pgcli

Configure pgcli with nice defaults

The following command will set some common user configuration options in your pgcli. If you've used pgcli before and have custom configured it, this will overwrite your configuration changes.

sdg pgcliConfig

Install a graphical tool for working with our database

psql and pgcli are good command-line tools for working with a database. You may prefer working with a graphical user interface for your database work. If so, install BeeKeeper Studio and use it in place of psql and pgcli.

Test if it is working:

From Terminal:

createdb MyTestDatabase


pgcli MyTestDatabase

If this command runs without requiring a password the configuration is complete.

To close the pgcli tool you can type exit and press return.

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